James Leslie was created out of an obsession for quality that is few and far in between when it comes to men’s undergarments. Long gone are the days of buying a multipack of underwear for less than the cost of a fast food meal and we’re okay with that. One problem. As the prices went up the quality didn’t. The names got trendier, styles flashier and even high end fashion brands cashed in on the less for more bandwagon yet finding a ‘quality’ pair of men's underwear is a daunting task and can be pretty expensive depending on your level of determination and patience. We’re of the mindset that if it doesn’t exist, create it…so we did just that and not just a more breathable and flattering design but our own Barely There Superior Micro-Modal Mesh fabric blend as well. 

Our goal is to inspire movement and good health while protecting your most private parts with a design that will comfortably support you from the boardroom to your favorite pastime using the best combination of fabrics on the planet.

Les Signature

Les Johnson | CEO


A Lifestyle Brand

We thrive to become one of the more recognizable brands in the market by successfully contributing to the shared interest and values of our consumers. Our endorsers are actually some of our biggest customers, NOT paid advertisers that don’t actually wear/support the brand.


Designed in the heart of the DMV(Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia)