The underwear you choose matters–big time. You should put as much thought into your briefs as you do for any other article of clothing. Too many men are still wearing outdated and bad-fitting underwear made with problem-causing materials. From lower sperm count to decreased sexual performance to unwanted odors, the wrong pair of briefs can do you dirty!

But don’t worry. As a man, you’ve got plenty of options, and we’re not going to let your old boxers hold you back any longer! We’d like to turn your attention to the benefits of wearing underwear made with safe fabrics, such as micro modal, that’ll keep your family jewels safe and your sex life happy. Let’s get into it!

Fabric Matters

Not all fabrics are created equally. Your nether regions are sensitive and should be treated with respect. Standard cotton and unbreathable synthetic materials are loaded with unfriendly chemicals and preservatives. Putting something so unnatural on your sexual organs doesn’t sound like such a good idea, does it? Well, it’s not. These harmful additives can lead to skin irritation and unfavorable chafing–no thanks.

Choosing an eco-friendly material is your best bet to keep your junk safe and healthy. Micro modal is a silky fabric that comes from beechwood trees that has top-tier moisture wicking abilities (it performs 50% better than cotton). It’s ultrasoft, durable, odor-resistant, and has antibacterial properties. Whether you need a reliable pair of underwear to exercise in or for everyday life, micro modal fabric is the way to go.

Let it Breathe!

Not having enough airflow around your man parts is a serious problem. Doctors have linked lower sperm counts to men who wear tight-fitting underwear that cause nether regions to heat up. That doesn’t mean you have to wear loose-fitting boxers that look like parachutes–no, no, no. You just need something breathable, like micro modal, that’s going to keep your man parts nice and cool. Not only will a pair of briefs with good airflow keep you fertile, but it’ll also prevent unsavory odors. So, if you’re walking around and it feels like you have a sauna between your legs, it’s time to switch up your underwear.

Look Good, Feel Good, Perform Good

It’s true; the fabric and breathability of men’s underwear are important. But there’s one other critical factor to consider when choosing your briefs: style. The last thing you want to do before getting intimate with your partner is to kill the mood with a raggedy pair of boxers you’ve owned since middle school–that’s not going to work. Throw those embarrassing things in the trash and trade them out for something sleek and attractive. You wouldn’t try to impress someone with an ill-fitting, stained shirt, right?

When you slide into a pair of micro modal underwear, like the ones made by James Leslie, watch your confidence shoot through the roof. If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that confidence determines your performance under the sheets. Do yourself–and your partner–a favor, and put some thought into your briefs.

Final Thoughts

Who would’ve thought that briefs could have such an impact on your sexual health? Take some time to find the type of underwear that feels best to you. Always go for a breathable, natural fabric that won’t expose your nether regions to any potential toxins. And remember, the way you look in a pair of briefs is important!

April 26, 2023

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