Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Tall, short, lean, round, whatever dimensions you’re rocking, the style of your underwear matters. Different looks can accentuate your best features and ensure your package is in good shape. A short, muscular man wouldn’t buy the same type of pants as a tall, thin man, right? Well, the same logic applies to underwear.

For now, push your undies aside while we go over which style of underwear works best for each body type. 

Different Male Body Types 

Before we dive into men’s underwear options, let’s look at the different body types so you can identify which category you fall into. Quick note: No body type is better than another. Own whatever features you were given and choose the clothes that work for you!

Endomorph: Men with shorter limbs, wider hips, and a rounder build fall into the endomorph category. Endomorphs often excel in powerlifting thanks to their ability to generate force and quickly build muscle. 

Ectomorph: Ectomorphs tend to have naturally thin bodies with long, lean limbs and a narrow frame. The extra height makes them ideal basketball players–or the ideal person to reach something on the top shelf.

Mesomorph: The mesomorph body type falls somewhere between the other two. These men typically have broad shoulders but a lean, strong build. Mesomorphs’ dynamic features make them great athletes.

Different Male Underwear Types

Underwear for your body type


Ahh, briefs! The classic pair of underwear we’ve all owned at one point or another. These babies look great on men with a shorter, more muscular body type (endomorphs). Briefs expose a majority of the thigh and make the legs appear longer. Having less fabric downstairs will help keep your lower body cool, and the tight, secure fit prevents annoying wedgies!


Some guys don’t feel comfortable putting on a legless pair of men’s briefs, and that’s okay! Trunks are a nice middle ground that still offer a secure feel and more freedom than a longer fit. Athletes or anyone with a bit of muscle (especially endomorphs and mesomorphs) will be able to show off what they got and look good doing it!

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs, like classic briefs, hug close to the lower body but end farther down the thigh. This style fits great on taller men with long legs (mesomorphs and ectomorphs) or guys with thicker thighs. The best part about boxer briefs is that they come in a range of lengths, so you’re not tied down to one specific style!


Men’s boxers are the way to go when you want to give the boys below to get some fresh air and keep it casual. Briefs and trunks can feel a bit constricting, but you won’t have that problem with this breathable style. The good news is that boxers work well for any body type. So, don’t hesitate to throw a pair on and let it all hang! Keep in mind that the loose fabric can cause wedgies so grab a pair of James Leslie's slim fit Boxers and keep everyone comfortable.

Underwear for your body type

Talk to Your Partner

Look, you’re not the only person your underwear affects. Ask your partner what style they prefer you in. The last thing you want to do is kill the mood with your questionable choice of underwear, right? Just remember that comfort is king, so keep trying new styles until you find the golden ticket!

April 26, 2023

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