Quality over quantity; that’s what we’re all told. 

Does the phrase stay true for underwear? 

If you’ve gone shopping for new briefs lately, you’ve seen the wide range of product prices. How on earth could one pair of underwear cost $5 and another $50, and is the more expensive pair worth it?

Well, I’m so glad you asked because we’re going to show you what makes luxury underwear so much more valuable than cheap underwear. However, identifying truly valuable products in a sea of overpriced junk can be difficult. So, let’s check out five important things to consider when buying your underwear.

5 Things to Take into Consideration:

Brand Name/Value

Buying top brand names can be tricky. High end brand companies are usually pretty expensive, but that doesn’t necessarily make them better than lesser-known brands. Often, you’re paying extra for the brand name or picking up the tab on a paid celebrity endorsement rather than the quality of the product, so be careful.

Look for companies like James Leslie that aim to be the most recognizable brand in the market based on the value of their underwear alone. Briefs by James Leslie are priced higher than generic brands because the product is simply better–period! The company puts extra thought into every detail of its underwear, from fabric to stitching to the waistband function and breathability.

Do your due diligence, don't just rely on a company’s brand name.

High-Quality Materials

The material you put on your body matters. Luxury underwear is typically made with the best fabrics on the market to provide maximum comfort. James Leslie, for example, uses Micro-modal (not to be confused with microfiber or regular modal), the best material available. When you slip into a pair of those, you’ll immediately see the value in a luxury pair of briefs. Other premium fabrics like Bamboo Fiber, Lyocell Tencel and Pima Cotton feel great but don’t offer the durability or advantages of Micro-modal.

Although a cheap shiny pair of $15 underwear might be enticing, you’ll be giving up enhancements like 4-way stretch technology, odor resistance, moisture wicking, premium fabric with added breathability and stay put lux waistbands. These options add comfort and help briefs last longer which will be the difference between you needing a new pair every 20 washes vs 100 washes. 


The design of cheap underwear won’t do your most sensitive areas any favors. Generic brands don’t implement smart fits that snuggle your guys just right while giving them a chance to breathe. James Leslie’s luxury underwear, on the other hand, uses a custom designed Barely There Superior Micro-Modal Mesh Blend that keeps everything nice and cool and looks amazing. A better design might cost more money, but it’s worth every penny.

One area of underwear design that can drive up the price without adding value is logo placement. Big brand names will spend additional money on fabric and labor to strategically place their name, motto, or logo on their products. It’s a common practice, but if an expensive pair of underwear doesn’t also include top materials and a premium fit, put it back on the shelf.

Luxury Packaging

Luxury underwear companies have to stand out from budget brands, and presentation is a tried-and-true way to do that. High-end brands want the process of opening their packages to be an experience, something you look forward to but deluxe presentations come at a cost to the consumer.  

So, when you see a nicely packaged pair of men’s underwear, it’s a good sign that you’re dealing with a good product. However, you need to check the materials, design, and company’s reputation before you truly know if the higher price translates to a higher quality product.

Unnecessary Extra Features

Many factors go into producing top-of-the-line men’s underwear that justifiably make it more valuable and expensive. Keep an eye out for products that include unnecessary features, like pockets and extravagant fly openings–uhh, pass! Or, worst of all, extra fabric in sensitive areas that leads to friction and irritation–double pass! These brands may try to come off as selling luxury underwear, but it’s really just a cheap product with flashy features-no shade, just facts.

April 26, 2023


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